Sites are spread out

The camp sites are spread out enough so that each site can feel remote. This is a great improvement from usual campgrounds where you are right next to another camper. There are not many sites here so as to help keep the privacy level high and the impact on the forest low. 

This helps to make this a perfect location to unwind and relax. An ideal place to disconnect from the world. A great place to meditate. An easy place to stay with young kids. A convenient location if you need to go to town for supplies.

This is also a great location for group retreats and gatherings for small companies and clubs.

Whispering Pines 

My wife's favorite site until I built a small cabin for the two of us. This site is perfect for hammocks and tents. It sits on raised ground among pines trees. Here you can hear the wind blowing through the trees as the wind can rock you to sleep. This site is close to the small pond so you will hear lots of frogs in the evening. You can also hear deer approaching for water. This is definitely a favorite of those who camp here.

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Fallen Pines

A little farther out and more secluded this site great for tents and hammocks. Located next to a large fallen tree this site has a bench seat and fire ring located where the fallen tree and barriers help to block the wind. This location also has deer and turkey traffic. You are likely to hear turkeys calling to each other at this location. 

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Field Crest

Field Crest is near the front of the property nestled in a group of pine trees. Since near the "field" it is a great site for larger groups and for people who do not want to walk a few minutes to their site. This site can accommodate hammocks and there is room for several tents. Easily can handle 15 people at this site. There is a course a fire ring like all the established sites do. 

This site is great for morning views of the field and the animals that roam through there. This site also can give the best views of the sky for star watching. This site is close to the orchard area so expect to see deer feeding in the fall mornings. 

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Addy Shelter

This location has a structure that will protect campers from the elements some. It has a raised platform that is slightly sloped to help prevent rain from getting gear wet and keeps campers elevated off the ground. We have seen campers actually set up a tent inside the structure for greatly increasing coverage. Fire ring is provided.

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Brooder Cabin  (not available to be rented)

 Currently not quite finished to the point of being rented out. It received its name from the old "woodstove" located inside the cabin. The stove was designed to provide heat for the brooder for chickens. That size made it a great fit for the 144 sf cabin. Cleaned up and installed safely in the cabin, the woodstove looks good. Currently only gets used by the owners when staying at the property.

Location information

There is cell service on the property! In case you want to be able to reach out to others.

This is an ideal location to give children adventures that are still within minutes to a small town and other attractions in the Hocking Hills area.

In the area.

17-minute drive to Le Petit Chevalier Vineyards and Farm Winery

20-minute drive to Ash Cave

26-minute to Old Mans Cave

2-3 minute drive to McArthur for supplies if needed

Lake Rupert for fishing approx. 10-minute drive

Address for camping  

34037 SR 93 (barely south of McArthur, Ohio

The gravel driveway has been redone and is much smoother. Do not take it too slowly, maintain your speed and it will be ok.

Park at the top of the driveway near the porta is preferred. Parking near the flagpole is also ok if ground is not too wet. 

Away from the road in the peacefulness of the forest

For individual, family or small groups visit the Hipcamp site to reserve your spot. Sites are limited.

Listed on Hipcamp for private/family camping

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