About Trothwood Forest and how it started

Laura and I started out our careers in the mental health fields in a variety of workplaces from Psych hospitals, group homes to county agencies. We saw the effects of stress on people around us including co-workers. I remember a time working at a county agency during a time in which the county was reorganizing staff and positions. It was devastating how the stress of not having control of one's job position effected some people. I vividly remember one former co-worker walking hastily down the hall and she had a look of panic on her face. I then realized that had become her normal appearance after I saw her looking that way several times.

Stressors can come from normal everyday things. Often, we are so accustomed to them that the stress levels become normal. It should not be normal. Being able to unplug and relax is important not only for the stress level you feel at the moment, but also important for your physical and mental health. There are ways to greatly reduce stress both mentally and physically. The many effects of stress on the mind and body are well documented. 

Laura and I each enjoyed camping, hiking and being outside as kids. As we grew older, we continued to explore hiking trials and checking out things that the locals to that area would tell us about. We each enjoyed just plain being in the woods.

When traveling for mastermind meetings, often we would arrive a few days before the meetings or stay a few days after to use that time to explore. On one trip I arrived at Washington State early and rented a car to explore hiking in the area. I hide from park rangers as I "car camped" at various locations for a few nights. I was able to arrive at the hotel in time to shower and get some sleep before the meetings started.

We often talked about buying some land somewhere in SE Ohio to perhaps move to and to at least use for our own camping and relaxation times. One day while driving around Hocking Hills area of SE Ohio Laura found some land online and after some phone calls and looking we becoming a backup offer. We then purchased what is now known as Trothwood Forest. 

After a few camping trips there ourselves at the site now called Whispering Pines, we decided to share the opportunity to enjoy these woods with others. We wanted to keep the land as natural as possible yet allow others to relax and enjoy the benefits of being able to disconnect and enjoy the 3-day effect of being in nature.

We kept the fees low to make it very affordable for quick and easy get aways. Due to people asking, we are looking at building a cabin near the front that is rentable for those who want a getaway without the camping aspect. 

Trothwood Forest is family-owned 43+ acres that is nearly all wooded. Located near McArthur Ohio and the Hocking Hills area. This property has been minimally developed so as to allow it to be as clean and as natural as possible. There are some trails making hiking the property easier. A few locations on the property are available for quite private camping stays or family friendly getaways.

LEAVE NO TRACE - EVEN BETTER, if you see trash please pick it up and dispose of it properly. There is a barrel near the flag pole area

Products and Relaxation Aids

In the future we may start offering products to help people in relaxation, meditation and perhaps even offer relaxation retreat weekends. We truly believe that training yourself to relax and helping your body to relax and destress is very important for mental and physical health. Relaxation can and should be done at home if you can't get away to go into the woods or to a park. 

Laura has always been interested in gardening and especially in herbs and natural remedies. On the property are 20+ fruit trees and bushes that in a few short years will be yielding fruit that campers can enjoy during stays here. 

Love coffee? Go to Trothwood Forest Coffee to find quality coffee including organic, single origins and flavored

Sites are spread out and the location is ideal for relaxation and family time. 

The camp sites are spread out enough so that each site can feel remote. This is a great improvement from usual campgrounds where you are right next to other campers. There are not many sites here so as to help keep the privacy level high and the impact on the forest low. 

This helps to make this a perfect location to unwind and relax. An ideal place to disconnect from the world. A great place to meditate. An easy place to stay with young kids. A convenient location if you need to go into town for supplies.

This is also a great location for group retreats and gatherings for small companies and clubs. Fieldcrest site in ideal for larger groups.

Are dogs allowed? Yes, dogs are allowed. Please clean up after them if they "leave presents" on the trails or sites. Leashes are not required if the dog is super friendly. Due to sounds of nature and other animals we recommend being able to secure them at times. We would hate to see a small dog taken by a coyote in the middle of the night. 

A shower is located near the flagpole for use during warmer months only.  Solar heated primarily with wood fire backup for cloudy days. Be sure to monitor the temperature of the water prior to use. Supervise children please.

Motorcycle Camping allowed?

Yes, we are totally ok with motorcycles being on the location. However, due to the trails and gravel driveway, we recommend only dual-purpose motorcycles be use. You can actually ride your bike all the way to your site. All sites are accessible by dual purpose motorcycle. We do ask that if you ride your motorcycle over the trails that you be respectful of other campers and that you try not to leave too many indications on the trails that you were there. See this article also: Motorcycle camping in Ohio at Trothwood Forest

Fireworks are not allowed on the property. Due to the nature of forests and the sparks generated by fireworks and sparklers, we must all be cautious and make certain to prevent forest fires. So, please keep them at home.

Location information

There is cell service on the property! In case you want to be able to reach out to others.

We have firewood that can be purchased. 

This is an ideal location to give children adventures that are still within minutes to a small town and other attractions in the Hocking Hills area.

Approximate near bys:

Enjoy the scenery while driving or just staying put:

17-minute drive to Le Petit Chevalier Vineyards and Farm Winery  https://www.lepetitchev.com/

35-minute drive to Hocking Hills Winery https://www.hockinghillswinery.com/

20-minute drive to Ash Cave

26-minute to Old Mans Cave

2-3 minute drive to McArthur for supplies if needed

Lake Rupert for fishing approx. 10-minute drive

See this site for other area information and hiking https://thehockinghills.org/hiking.htm

Many people use Trothwood Forest as a basecamp for exploring the Hocking Hills area. 

Address for camping  

34037 SR 93 (barely south of McArthur, Ohio

The gravel driveway has been redone and is much smoother. Do not take it too slowly, maintain your speed and it will be ok.

Park at the top of the driveway near the porta is preferred. Parking near the flagpole is also ok if ground is not too wet. 

You will find yourself away from the road in the peacefulness of the forest with plenty of space between you and other campers.

For individual, family or small groups visit the Hipcamp site to reserve your spot. Sites are limited.

Listed on Hipcamp for private/family camping  https://www.hipcamp.com/en-US/discover/ohio/trothwood-forest

Have questions? That's normal, contact me.
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